02/08 SAT
SPECIAL GUEST : Rahaan [from Chicago]
DJ : RAY ( MANOS/ZOO ) , MSK ( MANOS/ZOO ) , OKAYAMA ( Margarita/Friday Lounge ) , gassh ( Margarita), Shota ( Margarita ), SKNHDZ ( NUTOPIA )
OPEN 22:00 [料金] 23歳以下 ¥2,000 / With Flyer ¥2,500 / DOOR ¥3,000

Rahaan Bio
windycityアンダーグラウンドを引率するDJの1人DJ RAHAAN. 88年にCHUCK BROSのクルーとしてキャリアをスタート させたDJRAHAANはこれまで5枚のアナログをリリース、インターネット上で聞ける膨大な数のdjミックス最新のrahaanのミックスが配信される と即座に世界中のコアなdiscomaniaがplaylistにあがったレコードをwantする程の人気が出ており近年中古レコード市場のアイコンの1 人としても大きな注目を受けている。地元シカゴを中心にuk. euなどで絶大な影響力を持ちそのDJのスキルのみでヨーロッパ各地においてツアーをこなした、稀な存在でもある。
現在のシカゴにおいてRON HARDYのスタイルに最も近く、そのアンダーグラウンドかつ猥雑でdopeな選曲とエディットは更に深く確立され、他の何とも例えられない存在といえ る。魂が込められたイコライジング、時に叫び踊り狂いながら全身を使って生み出す荒々しくも神々しいミキシングと抜群の選曲力で disco,funk,acid,deephouse,Unusual Boogieを程よく織り交ぜグルーヴを全く損なうことなく展開させ、一瞬たりとも飽きさせない夢のあるダンスフロアを必ず提供してくれる世界基準のDJ。
Rahaan has been dropping disco and electrohouse beats to retro music heads since the 80's and now he is a well respected DJ and artist in his own right with a global following.

Rahaan has been dropping disco and funky house beats to retro music heads since the 80’s when he and his friends use to dance at the best house parties in Chicago – Rahaan’s home state and most importantly, the place which gave birth to House music.
Playing at house parties in Chicago obviously done Rahaan some good, as he is now a successful DJ and music producer in his own right. He recently released Rahaan Edits Vol. 1 and 2 in 2008/9 on Stillove4music record label as well as putting out some remixes on the KAT record label.
The thing about Rahaan is that he defiantly knows his art, and it is his outstanding skill behind the decks that has brought him from the Chicago underground circuit out onto the international playing field of Japan, Australia, Amsterdam, Spain, Ireland, Scotland, England, throughout America.
But before Rahaan made his presence on the global dance floor, Rahaan was playing his music from his cassette tapes with his dance crew called the Chuck Brothers. He then moved to the state of Wisconsin whereby he started to grow a serious collection of disco and house records. In 1996 Rahaan moved back to Chicago started hanging out with his old friends, forming the reunion of the Chuck Brothers once again.
During the 90’s Rahaan was building up his reputation as one of Chicago’s finest Disco/House DJ, playing at a hot club called “The Spot” and the infamous loft parties with Mr.Bill, Pee Wee and friends. This opened the door for Rahaan to perform on guest spots for Sisterz of Vision and Soul In The Hole club nights, followed by a residency “Budda Lounge” – one of Chicago’s best nightclubs.
In the year 2000 Rahaan started producing tracks for his own personal collection but this soon gained him the attention of Fourplay records who signed him up straight away. His first major track releases on this label were ‘Coming Hard’ and “No Time for Love.”
Since then, Rahaan has released numerous mixes on various websites such as Deep House and Bring The Heat, which gained him attention from other record labels and music lovers across the world. His performances have included the Southport Weekender, Northern Soul and Bring The Heat parties, which you can view on the website.
In between touring Rahaan is busy producing soulful disco and house music for Australian singer Christine Eva and Atlanta based singer/songwriter Ozara Ode’. It is fair to say that Rahaan is well and truly on his way to accomplishing bigger and better things for the year ahead.